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Metal products


The Vertex sheet metal work program can be used to make images from clips for cnc-controlled cutting machines such as incineration, plasma, water cutting and laser. Images are even available in dxf format if required and pdf images in dimensions or as a Vertex 3D model. In water cutting, in addition to metals, rubber, plastics and wood can also be cut.

The sheet metal work program is used to obtain exact corrected lengths for bent sheet metal structures according to the selected bending radius.

The holes are obtained in just the right places in the desired size.


Cutting and edging

Once the images are in the right format, it is easy to ask for quotes from various cutting and edging service providers. We can also source materials and handle cutting and edging through partners.



Welding is successful with us, black and stainless steels with rod, tig, mag and aluminum tig processes.



Painting is possible through us as a wet or powder coating.



RST handles, hinges and latches in some models and silicone rubber sheets in 2mm and 4mm thicknesses can be found in our online store.




Here the aluminum boxes are welded and the box of the same series painted on the assembly table.



Tool / accessory box in powder-coated aluminum.



Basic patch made of acid-resistant 316 material by laser cutting.


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