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Information on welding shields 10-50 and 50-150

 DN10-50 and DN50-150 welding shields  PCT / FI2020 / 050545

Should pipes be welded outside with a crucible and there is no replacement for stick welding either? The advantages of the welding chamber have been obtained in the normal use of pipeline installation welding. The device is relatively light and durable in construction and easy to attach to the pipe.


As the name implies, WB10-50 is intended for wind protection of pipes with a size of DN10-DN50 tig. This set includes a set of seals with 7 different sizes, which allow the chamber to be tightly fitted to pipes of different sizes.

The WB50-150, on the other hand, is available in sizes DN50-DN150, including a set of seals for six pipe sizes. Both sets have a size of DN50 because it is at that limit and also a very commonly used size.

The most significant difference between the two sets of protection is that the WB10-50 is made lower than the WB50-150, thus removing the extra height from the set for smaller pipes and thus making it easier to use. Nevertheless, very narrow gaps are not achieved with these and the relative fit of the chamber improves whenever the diameter of the tube increases.

For example, the diameter of the DN 150 pipe is 168.3 and the width of the WB chamber is 250 mm, in which case a space of +41 mm is required on the sides of the pipe. If, on the other hand, the diameter of the DN50 pipe is 60.3 and the width of the WB chamber is 250 mm, space is needed for the sides +95 mm

It has 3 alternative hand openings for performing welding work. As shown in the figure above, the opening at the left end is covered with PC glass. Alternatively, you can use any of the openings in your hand and replace the third opening with a PC glass. Or you can keep leather sleeves in all the openings if the places are very varied. In tests, it has been found that when welding a horizontal pipe from below, for example, it is good to put the PC glass in the larger hand opening in front, it gives a good view from below and can be welded from the openings at the ends. Sleeves and PC glasses can be varied by removing the retaining rings by loosening the nuts.

The latest 2021 model has handholes at the ends and front wall as well as glass top and back wall, making the inside brighter and now the guard works in different positions when welding without changing the positions of the sleeves and glasses (saving time).  

PC = polycarbonate = polycarbonate (for clarification)


The welding wire can be fed by bringing it with the hand feeding the wire through the hand hole, this works at least with thin stainless steel pipes, or can use wire sections so short that it can fit inside the cover. When welding seevs, when the wire should be fed parallel to the groove, it is a good idea to make a bushing either in the chamber body or in the PC glass. The bushing can be done either by drilling a hole with a small, eg pop-rivet blade, or if you want absolute tightness, you can use a separate bushing rubber. The grommet requires a larger hole, so you should first try with a small hole, which is easy to clog if necessary with tape, to see if the place is suitable or if it should be moved a little.

For example, installation welding of thin wall-mounted stainless steel pipes outdoors or in draft locations can be performed with this equipment by welding well.


- Piping for roofs or walls of buildings.

- Pipe bridges

-Pipe shafts with traction.

-Train piping.


-Tank piping.

Delivery includes:

- Chamber

- Gasket set DN10-50, 7 sizes or alternatively DN50-150, 6 sizes.

- Aluminum seal storage box.

- Handhole leather sleeves 2 pcs for small handholes at the ends and 1pc for the bigger front opening.

- Polycarbonate glasses for 2 large openings on the top, 1 for the small armhole and 1 for the bigger front opening.

- 2 sealing rubbers for welding wire bushings, which can be drilled in a suitable place in the chamber or polycarbonate glass, depending on the situation.

All parts can be ordered separately if required and modified parts and chambers are also made as required. Spare parts are available in the online store and welding shields tailored to your own needs can be ordered to order by e-mail:



The figure shows the chamber fitted to the curve and the dimensional drawing shows that there is a gap of 35 mm between the DN 80 pipe and then the seam welded with the chamber.

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